March 15th, 2015

Mini me

This morning...

In the church service, the preacher was using the lectionary reading, which was Numbers 21:4 - 9, the bit about Moses making a bronze snake. (Well...thanks to an error of communications, we nearly had Numbers 4:9 - 10, but that's another story...).

Apart from making the observation that it seems a weird reading for Mothering Sunday, the preacher talked a lot about cures for snakebite.

Trouble is, every time he mentioned snakebite, I know he was talking about this, but I was mentally parsing it as this.

Which may not be quite the image he was trying to conjure up... ^_^
Cabin Pressure - shifted otters

For some time...

...I've been wondering exactly what the theme tune from Cabin Pressure is, on the basis that I'm pretty sure it wasn't composed specially for the programme.

Well, thanks to The Interwebz, now I know.

I haz a happy...