March 20th, 2015

Pet Shop Boys - Story

Eclipse day

Appropriate song is appropriate:

As it was originally written for the 1999 eclipse. Kind of hoping I'll actually be able to see today's one. Although it's looking a bit naff and overcast out there, so I'm not holding out much hope. Still, we shall see, or not as the case may be. At least I'll be in a place with fairly large windows in an area where we get about 90% coverage, unlike in 1999 when at the key moment I was in a bus travelling through London whilst the main action was down on the southwest coast. (According to Sarah, who was on holiday in Swanage at the time, it was a very surreal experience. We've talked about the possibility of travelling to somewhere some time where there'll be a full eclipse, just for the experience of it, and have decided we'd definitely both be up for it...)

Also, a guide to eclipse safety by The Clangers. I'd managed to forget that there was a revived Clangers series coming up. On the basis of this, I think I'll be watching. I mean, obviously, Oliver Postgate RIP and all of that, but Michael Palin seems to have a good voice for it. And it's least it's not all CGI with Clangers who speak hip and trendy English. (Mind you, they might be speaking hip and trendy Swannee for all I can tell...)