April 15th, 2015

Stargate SG1 - cast & logo


Spent most of today in bed with a headache. Sarah's just been down to Tesco to fuel up the car, and picked up some pillows - the ones I have a bit past their best, and I'm hoping new ones might give me a decent night's sleep.

In the meantime, have some linkspam.

Blake's 7, in Lego. This really ought to be official.

Someone's done a mock-up trailer for a Disney/Pixar X-Wings film. How brilliant is this?

When I was up in Leicester the other week, I saw this film for sale. Didn't buy it, but sorely tempted to order it because, hey, Sixie and Dickie III - what's not to like?

Over on Lego Ideas (Cuusoo as used to be) someone has put together a concept for a Lego RMS Titanic. I would definitely buy it. I mean, Sarah would protest that we don't have anywhere to put it but tish and pish. We could get rid of some tables and chairs and the fridge and the cooker...we'd find space, gorramit!

From the Independent, A historian gave the most British look of despair when someone screwed up Richard III's birthday at his reburial. I can see that gif becoming as ubiquitous as the Picard facepalm... (Mind you - in that form, it's 4.9MB. Hope nobody's still on dialup...)

Finally, did I mention how much I'm looking forward to Spooks: The Greater Good?