April 20th, 2015


Wait, what..?

Got in to work at 9:00am. There were 39 items in my inbox.

Stopped for lunch at 1:00pm, by which point there were 43 items in my inbox.

Erm...is this how Legolas's Amazing Refillable QuiverTM works..?
Bagpuss - fiddlesticks and flapdoodle

Damn and blast it.

I've kind of reached the point where all I really want to do is watch videos and hibernate.

Wouldn't mind, but I've been taking the anti-depressants regularly.

Hope it's just a glitch. I hope I don't wake up feeling like this in the morning. If I do, 'phoning in ill would have to be a serious possibility. I don't want to have to do it, but right now, I don't think I could cope with work, or people, or...well, anything that isn't my bed.