May 7th, 2015

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I don't care who for, just get out there and vote. (Obviously only applies to people in the UK. Well, today it does.)

I mean, I'm not going to lie - I despise the far right, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynist ideals that drive UKIP (and I take vague comfort from the fact that most of their supporters may struggle to spell the letter "X"); I'm absolutely appalled by the way the Conservatives have ripped apart this country's welfare system over the past five years and the notion that they might get back in for another five years fills me with dread; as far as I'm concerned the LibDems are pretty much tainted by association and it'll take at the very least a change in leadership to persuade me to support them again; and I'm not really convinced that Labour would be much better - I thought that Ed could be a step in the right direction back when he became their leader, but I'm not convinced they're following any identifiably left wing agenda yet. So, having done several of those online tests to see which party most closely matches your values and beliefs, I made a decision last year to actually join a party, specifically the Greens, and I'll be voting for them. In this constituency I don't think it'll make a blind bit of difference (we're stuck in a Conservative safe seat. Boo), but I'm a firm believer that, given that we all have a right to vote we should all exercise that right. Whether or not it makes a difference is beside the point, but you know what - it could make a difference! I'm not sure what the picture was like nationally, but one of my friends on Facebook shared the horribly depressing fact that back in Chelmsford, my old home turf, in the last general election more people didn't vote than voted for any one party (c. 31,000, IIRC). That's a pretty disturbing statistic. Just imagine how things might be different if all of those people had actually gone out and voted. And of the people I know IRL and online, there seem to be a large number of supporters of the Green party. Probably not an outright majority, but certainly more than is reflected in the opinion polls. Maybe that's just because I gravitate towards politically aware mostly left wing kind of people, but even'd certainly be interesting if that figure were to be reflected in today's outcome.

So yeah. Get out there and vote. Vote with your conscience, or vote strategically, or vote for someone because you think they're a decent person, for someone for any reason you like. Just vote. Make a difference.

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