June 9th, 2015

Stargate SG1 - cast & logo

*blows dust of LJ*

Oh hello. There you are. Must stop abandoning you in favour of Facebook.

Bit of Stargate SG-1 to start the day with.

McKay: Is there lemon on the chicken?
Canteen staff member: It's lemon chicken.
McKay: So it is. I am mortally allergic to citrus. One drop of lemon and I could die. I'll have whatever that is.

(Love the way the look on the canteen staff member's face shows about the same level of lack of impressed-ness with McKay as Carter has already demonstrated...)

And then, when they've sat down to eat...

McKay: Shockingly, this is even worse than it looks, but it beats a hypoglycaemic reaction.
Stargate SG1 - cast & logo

I'm sure something can be done...

So, in October Raintown are going on a wee tour (their first headline tour, in fact). I've...sort of decided to do a roadtrip thingy along with badfalcon and I think whiskyinmind and others, although I've only actually bought tickets for the London date.

Also in October The Sisters of Mercy are going on a wee tour. I doubt I'd road trip for them - I wouldn't mind seeing them once, but these days they've done so many new songs live that I suspect I'd only know about half the set. But...they're in Glasgow the night before Raintown. And...OK, that's the same night Raintown are in Bristol, but, y'know...skip Bristol, go straight from Wolverhampton to Glasgow, spend a couple of days in Scotland?

Dunno. I mean, it's just as easy to see the Sisters in London, which is a few days after Raintown's tour (and the tentative roadtrip) finish, but...

Also, and this is more an actual clash - November 13th - 15th. The Doctor Who Festival or Gatecon? The former seems like it's not going to be vastly different to the 50th anniversary celebration, which was...okay, but lacked the intimacy I love at a convention. The latter...well, badfalcon will be there, as will Ben Browder and several other people I've at least heard of. If they have any one of the main SG-1 seasons 1 - 5 team, I'd be there like a shot - I mean, I met Amanda Tapping at the Milton Keynes con last November, in theory I'm going to be meeting Richard Dean Anderson at London...erm, Film & Comic Con(?) (these big media cons get a bit confusing for me, telling one from the other) next month, although I've not booked a ticket for that...if Michael Shanks or Christopher Judge are announced for Gatecon that'd be splendid (although as Cassie has pointed out, Mr Shanks has Saving Hope commitments), but I definitely wouldn't say no to Amanda or RDA (again?). So...Who knows. Or SG-1 knows.

Right now, though, a rather more pressing concern is that I got home from work and went straight to bed. I have just woken up and I am bloomin' hungry. I want food!