June 11th, 2015

Mini me


News has been announced today of the deaths of both Ron Moody and Christopher Lee. I can't claim to have been massive fans of either of them, but Moody in particular played a part in a little piece of my childhood - the entertaining Doctor Who-esque Into the Labyrinth - and Lee was undeniably a legend who packed far more into his 93 years on this earth than seems feasible for someone without a time turner* (and of course, his appearances in The Man with the Golden Gun, the Star Wars prequels, Peter Jackson's Middle Earth trilogies and the Dirk Maggs radio adaptation of Gaiman's Neverwhere means that I've seen/heard at least a tiny fraction of his work.) (Didn't he also play Death in some Discworld adaptations?)

The world is a poorer place for their passing. :-(

*Well, maybe he invented one. It wouldn't seem out of place...
Mock The Week - Dara rocks

Mock the about 62 weeks ago...

A panellist (it may have been Josh Widdecombe, but I wasn't paying full attention at the time) on topical panel game Mock the Week referred to NHS Direct.

An organisation which hasn't actually existed since the end of March last year.

So yeah, topical for given values of topical...