June 16th, 2015

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

In no particular order...

  • It is now really technically officially summer in Britain. It's June. It's nearly longest day. It's summer. No getting over that one.

  • Next Friday, Glastonbury starts.

  • The following Monday, Wimbledon fortnight starts.

All I'm saying is...break out the umbrellas, you're gonna need 'em. ^_^
Bagpuss - saggy

Not gonna lie...

...I went into the first episode of the new Clangers series - despite some glowing reports from a couple of my friends on Facebook - fearing that it would be a pale imitation of the original. I shouldn't have worried. A couple of minutes in and I was smiling happily, entranced by Palin's soothing narration and the simple, heartwarming story.

Lovely stuff. And it's on every day at 5:30pm on CBeebies. Or iPlayer...