June 23rd, 2015

Stargate SG1 - cast & logo

Not arguing with that.

Last summer, there was a film out called Begin Again, starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. Wanted to see it at the cinema, never got round to it, found it on Netflix, spent this evening watching it. That was quite unexpectedly pleasant. Netflix is a good source of unexpected pleasantness. Also, James Corden showed up in. I hadn't known he was in it. And yeah, I know he's a bit marmite, but personally I quite like him (check out The Wrong Mans, if you haven't already), so his appearance was also pleasantly unexpected.

Might well get a copy of the film's soundtrack, as there're some really good songs in it. Also, discovered thanks to Wiki that it's written and directed by the guy who wrote and directed Once, which I've never seen the film but enjoyed the stage version when I saw it last year in London.

On the negative side, cooked some fish and chips tonight. May have...slightly overcooked the chips. It's not so much the fact that some of them turned out rather blackened as the fact that they were uniformly dry and powdery. Mind you, could be that they'd been in the freezer too long...