September 18th, 2017

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

My tweets

  • Sun, 12:04: Thanks to the @writerconuk raffle, I'm accidentally leaving Coventry with two more books than I arrived with. #writercon2017
  • Sun, 12:23: @writerconuk over for another year. :-( Currently in Ramada bar having a pizza and a lemonade. It's been a good weekend. #writercon2017
  • Sun, 14:09: In hotel bar. Sometimes by Erasure has just started playing. #happy
  • Sun, 14:56: Waiting at Coventry station for coach to Heathrow. Hoping for less delays than on Friday. Presence of emergency vehicles doesn't bode well.
  • Sun, 17:22: Have reached Heathrow. Am waiting for my coach home. Glad it's not the other way round...
  • Sun, 18:14: Coach driver didn't seem best pleased when I gave him my bag to put in the luggage section. Not sure why...
  • Sun, 18:29: "Rodney, you're drooling over a Wraith." "I know, I disgust myself sometimes." #stargateatlantis
  • Mon, 11:48: Look, I'm not complaining, many remixes does one song *need*..?!