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A little fic...

Just thought I'd share a fic I wrote recently.

Title: Pure and Simple
Author: davidbrider
Rating: 12, I think – a swear word and some implied sex, but nothing particularly graphic.
Notes: I just wanted to write a sweet love story in which the protagonists happened to both be men. I think this works quite nicely. C&C always welcome. Lyrics to Pure by the Lightning Seeds, written by Ian Broudie and © 1989 Chrysalis Music Ltd.
Word count: 2099

Simon woke up with a start, and glanced at his watch. It was just gone 3 in the morning. Somewhere outside in the night, he heard an owl hooting. The moon was full, and by its pale light he could clearly see the beautiful naked body that lay, sleeping, next to him.

Simon was relaxing at home, watching the TV whilst eating a pizza. He’d taken off his tie and had undone his shirt collar, but apart from that he was still wearing the smart suit which he had worn to the office.

His mobile ‘phone rang. PIcking it up, he registered the name of the caller on the display screen.

“Hi, sis!” he said. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” said he sister, Kate. “How’re you?”

“Yeah, I’m good. What can I do you for?”

“I’m having a party round at my place on Saturday - just some of the guys from work, a few friends. Wondered if you’d like to come over too?”

“Yeah, that’d be great. Shall I bring a bottle?”

“Or several,” Kate laughed.

For Simon, Saturday night couldn’t come round quickly enough. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his job - he loved it, if he didn’t, he’d try to find something else. But after five years of doing the same job for the same company, there was a certain humdrum predictability about the average day’s work. And then weekends tended to be taken up with doing the domestic chores he didn’t get time for over the week, and occasional socialising, generally in central London where at least the gay scene was a bit more interesting than in Croydon. But a party at his sister’s sounded like fun – she had some pretty decent friends, and the pair of them got on really well too.

Come Saturday evening, Simon was preening himself in front of the mirror, selecting his best smart casual clothes, having a thorough shave and applying some of his favourite aftershave, and cleaning his teeth far more vigorously than he normally would. It wasn’t that he was on the pull this evening, but it was always a good idea to create a good impression.

By the time he arrived at Kate’s house in Ealing, the party was in full swing. Dexy’s Midnight Runners were exhorting Eileen to come on (Kate could always be relied on for some tacky ‘80s retro kitsch at her parties, which was a good thing as far as Simon was concerned). Parking his car on the street, he rang on the doorbell and Kate let him in, accompanied by a young man and a young woman.

“Simon! Hi! It’s great to see you!” she said, kissing him on both cheeks. “Simon, this is Philippa, but everyone calls her Flip, and Danny, they both teach at the same school as me. Flip, Danny, this is my brother Simon! Come on in. Did you bring a bottle of anything?”

As he made his way through the entrance lobby into the living room where the party was taking place, Simon presented Kate with a bottle of wine. “I certainly did,” he said. “Although I hope there’s some coke or orange juice, ‘cos I’m driving back home tonight.”

“I’m sure you’ll find plenty. The drinks are in the kitchen.” Kate indicated the kitchen door, and Simon went in to drop off his bottle, and fetch himself something to drink. Flip and Danny watched him go.

“Kate,” said Flip, “why didn’t you tell me you had such a gorgeous brother? Is he single? Can you fix me up with him?”

“Philippa Jensen, you tart!” Kate laughed affectionately. “Yes, he is single, but no, I’m not fixing you up with him.”

“Why not? He’s…lovely!”

“Well, you’re not his type, for one thing.”

“Oh? What is his ‘type’?”

“Male, for a start.”

“Oh,” said Danny. “You mean he’s gay?”

“He certainly is.”

“Right…” said Danny thoughtfully.

Simon had just had an interesting conversation with a young couple about the latest series of Doctor Who (he loved opportunities to indulge in his geekiness), and was now sitting alone on the sofa sipping on an orange juice whilst Wham! sang about The Edge of Heaven, when Kate’s colleague Danny came up to him.

“Hi,” said Danny nervously. “Your sister said you’re gay, is that right?”

“That’s right,” said Simon.

“And single?”

“Uh-uh,” Simon nodded.

“Would you like to meet up some time?”

Simon blinked, surprised. He looked at Danny, and decided he was quite good looking. Not that looks were everything, but even so, it was a good starting point.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “That’d be good. Sometime during the week okay for you?”

“I’m free every evening except Thursdays,” Danny said.

“Okay…” said Simon, thinking. “There’s a Starbucks just down the road from where I work; it’s on Berkeley Street. Can you make it there…” he mentally ran through his commitments for the week ahead, “by about 7:00pm on Wednesday?”

“No problem. See you then,” said Danny, grinning.

They exchanged ‘phone numbers, and then Danny headed out for the kitchen in search of a drink. Simon smiled. He’d just been chatted up by a cute guy. Result! By way of celebration, he launched himself into the middle of the living room floor – which had been cleared to form an impromptu dancing area – and started bouncing around enthusiastically to The Only Way Is Up by Yazz.

The Wednesday at work seemed to drag, but eventually when all the day’s meetings had finished and Simon had caught up on his paperwork, he changed out of his work clothes into a casual shirt and his favourite leather jacket, then headed down the road to Starbucks. He was a bit early, but as he looked around he noticed that Danny was already there, sipping at a Latte. Simon bought himself a hot chocolate and joined him at his table.

“So,” he said smiling, “how’s your week been so far?”

“Oh, it’s been good,” said Danny, looking up at him. “You?”

“Bit dull, but not bad. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you tonight.”

Danny blushed. “I’ve been looking forward to it as well.”

There was a brief pause in the conversation, which Simon eventually broke. “So you’re gay too, then?” Ouch. State the blindingly obvious. He could have kicked himself.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Danny nodded. “Not really out yet, though.”

“You should be. I kept it all bottled up for a few years, but when I did finally come out, it was the most liberating experience of my life. All the people I thought probably wouldn’t want to speak with me were really accepting and friendly about it.”

Danny nodded. “Yeah, it’s just…difficult, really, knowing where to begin.”

“Well, if you start dating me, my sister’s going to know sooner or later. You teach at the same school as her, right?”

“That’s right. Shit, I hadn’t even thought of that.”

Simon smiled. “Don’t worry, she was really great when I came out. She’s even tried to fix me up with a couple of guys. Didn’t work out, but still. She’s a lovely girl, Kate.”

They sat in Starbucks talking about all manner of subjects for an hour or so, discussing mutual interests, likes and dislikes, their lives and backgrounds. Simon found that not only was he physically attracted to Danny, but also he was a lovely guy, with a pleasant personality, and hopefully they’d be able to get on well. As they parted company that evening, they made arrangements to meet that weekend at the British Museum.

The next two months passed in a whirl. Simon and Danny tended to see each other mostly at weekends – trips to museums, art galleries, the cinema, the theatre. Discovering a mutual love of the Proclaimers, Simon took Danny to see them play at Fairfield Halls. Although neither of them were particularly into clubbing, they had a pleasant night at an ‘80s retro night at a club in Ealing. Sometimes they met up during the week as well – mostly in central London, but some nights Simon would go over to Ealing to see Danny, and sometimes they’d meet up in Croydon.

The more time they spent together, Simon realised he’d totally fallen in love with Danny. One weekend, he went to a nearby florists, bought the largest bouquet of flowers he could find, with a card attached saying, “To the love of my life,” then drove over to Ealing and called on Danny. Danny was surprised, and blushed more than a little, but he was obviously delighted by the gift. They spent some time in the hallway of Danny’s flat kissing and hugging, before going to a nearby Mexican restaurant for a meal together.

As Christmas approached, Kate announced that she’d be hosting another party at her house. Simon said that he’d be bringing his new boyfriend. Kate tried to get further information from him, but he simply told her that she’d meet him at the party. Danny said that he’d be bringing a date with him, but again Kate was unable to get any further details from him.

Amazingly, she didn’t realise that anything was going on between Simon and Danny until the night of her party, when they showed up together on her doorstep.

“Hi, Kate,” said Simon. “This is my boyfriend, Danny.” He smiled, his eyes twinkling.

“Oh. My. God,” said Kate, her voice nearly a scream. She hugged them both. “When did you start going out together?”

“Right after your last party,” said Danny.

“Why on earth didn’t you tell me sooner?” she asked, looking from Simon to Danny, then back again.

“We figured we’d wait until an appropriate time,” explained Simon.

“Like now,” said Danny.

“The look on your face is priceless, sis,” Simon grinned. As they swept past her into the lounge, he said to Danny, “I so wish I’d brought a camera with me…”

It was nearly eleven. The party had been great fun. Danny had enjoyed being able to properly come out to his work colleagues who were there – not to mention the fact that they could see what a gorgeous boyfriend he was going out with. The hi-fi had now started playing some slow numbers, and couples were filling the dance area, holding each other tightly as they swayed gently to the romantic ballads. “Shall we?” Danny asked, and Simon nodded, put down his orange juice, stood up, and joined Danny to dance to True by Spandau Ballet. They gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes, and Danny knew, in this moment, that he’d found true, lasting happiness. When True had finished, the next song started playing – (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams. As they danced, Danny listened properly to the lyrics and realised how appropriate it was for him and Simon. As the song drew to a close, they kissed, a long and passionate kiss, their tongues exploring the inside of each other’s mouths, their arms embracing each other, their hands gently stroking each other’s backs.

The party over, Simon drove back to Croydon. It was a drive he was used to making on his own. He was less used to making it with company.

In his flat, he and Danny gave themselves totally to each other, exploring every inch of each other’s bodies. When they were totally exhausted, they lay down to sleep.

Simon woke up with a start, and glanced at his watch. It was just gone 3 in the morning. Somewhere outside in the night, he heard an owl hooting. The moon was full, and by its pale light he could clearly see the beautiful naked body that lay, sleeping, next to him.

He was reminded of one of the songs that had been playing at Kate’s party that evening, and he knew, with utter certainty, that it was right, that he and Danny had found something true, and pure, and simple, and perfect, and that he would always be happy with Danny, and he hoped Danny would always be happy with him.

He leant over, and whispered into Danny’s ear, “I love you, darling.”

Danny stirred in his sleep and whispered back, “I love you too.”

just lying smiling in the dark
shooting stars around your heart
dreams come bouncing in your head
pure and simple everytime
look at me with starry eyes
push me up to starry skies
there's stardust in my head
pure and simple everytime
fresh and deep as oceans new
shiver at the sight of you
i'll sing a softer tune
pure and simple over you
pure and simple just for you

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