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Last night...

Tim & I watched the first couple of episodes of series 2 of Heroes, which was fun.

Got to admit, I didn't really get vastly into it - I think I found the high preponderance of subtitled scenes a bit of an offput - it probably didn't help that my head was half in a book. Maybe I ought to pay more attention.

Still...I'm liking HRG and his attitude towards his employers. Also, he and Parkman and Mohinder seem to be in cahoots. What's going on with the Haitian? Did Mohinder really get his mind wiped? All getting a bit intriguing there. And Claire's growing on me, even I was a bit squicked out by her cutting off her toe. (Could you really do that with a pair of scissors? Would they cut through the bone? Maybe they're superhero scissors...)

Hiro in 17th century Japan getting to be all Hiroic was a laugh. And what's with Kensei? I'm assuming he's got some sort of self-healing powers. Or Hiro healed him with some powers that we've not previously been aware of.

The Peter Patrelli scenes were my favourite, a.) because he's topless, b.) because he's wet (I'm assuming that the makers were aware of the homoeroticism of those scenes? Please don't tell me they shot it without realising...), and c.) it was fun to play "spot the abysmally fake Oirish accents. Oh, and d.) Peter seems to be turning into Emperor Palpatine. I was half expecting one of his attackers to say, "your Jedi mind tricks will not work on me."

So, yeah. Good. Hoping to finish watching the series before Christmas.


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