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Song lyrics quiz meme gacked from mirabehn

Step 1: Put your music player on shuffle.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 37 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Strike through the songs when someone guesses both artist and track correctly.
Step 4: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!
Step 5: If you like the game post your own.

I'm actually going to do it slightly differently - keeping comments screened, and awarding points - 1 per song title, and 1 per artist. And see who can get the most points...

Well, after cutting out a few instrumentals and spoken word tracks, here we go:

  1. Oooh yeah, oooh yeah, another winter of your discontent; I know how you scream and shout.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen of the class of '99
  3. I wasn't expecting this, now everything is destroyed.
  4. There's a place where the streets shine with the glory of the lamb.
  5. You're a no good heart breaker, you're a liar and a cheat.*
  6. The time to rise has been engaged.
  7. I lift my eyes to you, eyes that have seen a thing or two.
  8. Once I had a name, forgotten now.
  9. Is it fair to say the world's gone bad?
  10. Society frowns on blowing one's own trumpet.
  11. I have heard so many songs, listened to a thousand tongues.
  12. In a way, it's all a matter of time; I will not worry for you, You'll be just fine
  13. [½ title] you are my friend, but you are made of bone.
  14. Love, spinning around, drowning my fear.
  15. Darlin', I was hoping that we could pretend.
  16. All I have in this world is more than a king could wish for.
  17. [title], aah-aah, saviour of the universe.
  18. They can come true, yeah, they can come true.
  19. Everybody's looking for that something.
  20. I call you when I need you and my heart's on fire.
  21. Get that feeling, head is reeling, you think you're in control.
  22. No I can't forget this evening, or your face as you were leaving.*
  23. God was cruel to make you torture me with dreams that can't come true.
  24. [title], look what it's done to me, brought me down here so low, stranded, nowhere to go.
  25. I'd like to be under the sea.
  26. There'll never be another quite like you, I'm so involved with everything you do.
  27. Lose the past, now is better.
  28. The disease of my soul was spreading.
  29. Everyday, so many pressures, life's full of lies, and love is the hardest thing
  30. I knew she was a feline, she moved with ease and grace.
  31. Ante up and don't be shy, who is that man who is catching my eye?
  32. [title], a chihuahua, when I get back to my small flat [½ title] to hear somebody bark.
  33. [½ title x 3], tick, ticking away, tick, ticking away like a [title]
  34. [title] and the furnace for gold.
  35. I am a stranger here, I don't fit in, I'm out of place.
  36. Oh how I love my [title], [title] in the afternoon.
  37. Wandering through the back roads, and the rain comes rushing down.

*The version on my iPod is a cover version. Points will be awarded for getting either the original artist, or working out whose cover version it is I've got.

Happy guessing.

ETA: The, um, scores on the doors so far:

multiclassgeek: 18 points
ihavecake: 12 points
pinkishmew: 8 points
mirabehn: 4 points
vindaloo_vixen: 4 points
r_scribbles: 2 points
antice: 1 point


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