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I can haz midlief crisis nao, plz?

In four days time, I'm 38.

And when I look back upon my life* I kind of think, I haven't really made as much of it as I hoped. I mean, okay, it's not a godawful mess, but I'm quite heavily in debt and living beyond my means a bit, and haven't really fulfilled any of my ambitions (I'm sure the original game plan involved being a published author well before now).

I need to get a lot more organised, just as a start. Save a bit of money (to be out of my overdraft would be wonderful). Waking up on time and getting to work on time would be good, as would getting up to date with my diary and dedicating a bit of time each evening to a.) tidying and cleaning the house and b.) my novel. And making it to Oasis on some kind of regular basis would be cool. Eating a bit less of the stuff wot is bad for me would be useful.

Just for starters.

Consider this some kind of early new year's resolution.


*Gratuitous Pet Shop Boys quote ahoy.
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