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Title: Ready, Steady, Cook.
Author: davidbrider
Word Count: 594
Rating: U verging on PG.
Summary: Remus has decided to cook a meal for two of his favourite people.
A/N: A bit of Remus/Sirius domestic fluff. I wrote it a couple of months ago, and was reminded of it yesterday at avonette's slash discussion, so I thought I'd finally get round to putting it online.

* * * *

Sirius opened the oven door, and was met with a face full of smoke. He hurriedly closed the oven door, and announced, “I think it’s ready.”

“Could you be a little more precise?” asked Remus, engrossed in chopping carrots.

“Well, it’s...” Sirius risked another look into the oven. “Mostly a sort of dark brown, verging on black in places. Does that sound ready to you?”

“Honestly,” said Remus, making his way over to the oven. “Have you never cooked a Sunday roast before?” he asked incredulously.

Sirius considered this for a moment, before replying, “no.”

Remus flung his hands into the air. “Why did I have this stupid idea?”

“Because you love James and Lily,” Sirius said simply.

Remus weighed this up. “Yes, you’re right. Even so...I hadn’t realised that this would be so complicated. Or so...messy.” He stared around at the utter chaos into which they’d turned Mr and Mrs Lupin’s kitchen. There was a glint in his eye which Sirius recognised.

“You sly old dog, you,” Sirius said, totally inaccurately. “You’re not planning to clear this up by magic, are you?”

“Why not?” Remus grinned. “After all, it worked for Mickey Mouse.”

Actually, no it didn’t, thought Sirius, but he decided to let Remus have his fun.

* * * *

Ten minutes later, Remus and Sirius were on the sofa in the Lupins’ lounge - Sirius sprawling comfortably, Remus supine with his head in Sirius’s lap. The kitchen had been cleaned, the dinner was cooking, and the Potters would be arriving shortly.

“We’re lucky, aren’t we?” Remus asked absently.

Sirius smiled blissfully. “Yes,” he said, running his fingers through Remus’ hair. “We’ve got each other.”

“That’s not quite what I meant,” Remus said. “I mean, the fact that our friends and family accept the fact that we’re in love and happy together.”

“Your family might; last I checked, mine weren’t even talking to me.”

“Well, all right, yes. But that’s just because you’re the white sheep of the Black family, it’s not anything to do with...us.”

“Wizards tend to be more accepting of this sort of thing than Muggles. Apparently, Dumbledore and Grindelwald were together for a while.”

“Yes, I heard about that.” Remus smiled fondly at the thought. Then hesitatantly, he asked Sirius, “are you happy being with me?”

Sirius almost exploded with laughter. “What sort of a daft question is that? Of course I’m happy with you! I’m happier with you than I’ve ever been anywhere else.” He kissed Remus affectionately on the forehead. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and I just want to be with you forever and ever.”

Remus blushed. “I hadn’t even thought about forever. What with the war, thinking much further ahead than next week seems impossible. I’m just happy with the here and now. Happy just to enjoy our time together.”

“I know what you mean,” said Sirius thoughtfully. “But...where would you like to be ten years from now?”

Remus laughed. “Merlin’s beard! I don’t know...still with you, still happy, living in a country house somewhere scenic and rural, working for the Ministry...what about you?”

“The same, I suppose. Well, I’ll probably be lumbered with Grimmauld Place, if you can possibly imagine moving in with me there?” He saw the scowl on Remus’ face, and chuckled. “My thoughts exactly. Horrible place. If Hogwarts would let me back in, I’d like to teach there. Probably Potions.”

“That sounds good,” said Remus. He sat up and they kissed again, but were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. The Potters had arrived for dinner.

* * * *


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