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My mobile 'phone handset...

- the really old one that Tim gave me after I stupidly crushed my previous one in Sarah's car door - appears to be dead. Well, not entirely dead, but basically, when I make or receive calls, I can hear the other person but the other person can't hear me.

It's still fine for people who wish to leave voice mail messages or send me texts, and I quite like texts anyway, so if anyone wants to send me any, *YAY*.

btw, multiclassgeek, got your message, but could you do me a favour and drop me a text with your number, as I lost my list of numbers when the old 'phone died anyway, and I'm not sure I've got yours. That applies to anyone else who thinks I ought to have their number.

Anyway, I suspect that at some point in the near future I'll need to be procuring a new handset. *checks bank balance* *gulps*


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