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David Brider

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...I bought Family Guy - Blue Harvest, which was great fun, especially the Doctor Who bit. I suspect I might quite like Family Guy, actually - there's another episode on the disc, so I'll give that a spin later tonight. And they're going to be doing their versions of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, so there's that to look forward to.

A minor niggle - why is that the Radio Times listings for the current episodes of Mastermind appear to bear no relation to the episodes actually being screened?

On which note, new Radio Times is out today, and features a nice Ashes to Ashes front cover and article inside. I'm looking forward to it a lot, although I'm hoping for a slightly more interesting resolution than Life on Mars had.

I'm out for a driving lesson tonight after work. Looking forward to it. Hope I can master braking and (more importantly) not stalling...

Ooh, and tomorrow night's Torchwood looks set to be fun...

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