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...was spent in London at a KMS (that's "database", basically) Administrators' workshop, which was probably more interesting than it sounds.

I had been going to meet Sarah afterwards, but she was off work ill, so I just mooched around in central London visiting some shops, becoming about £35:00 poorer in Forbidden Planet and also visiting CCK and having dinner in Nando's. Picked up the DVD of The Time Meddler, the graphic novel of V for Vendetta (having enjoyed the film which I watched the other week), and a couple of issues of Titan's new Supernatural magazine (issue 3 of the US version and issue 1 of the UK version), which looks depressingly Titan-ish, but is actually quite an engrossing read. Unlike the Torchwood magazine, there's no comic strip, which I think could be a mistake.


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    Fri, 22:08: @ RevRichardColes congratulations to you and the rest of your team on a well deserved University Challenge win.

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    Wed, 17:31: 3 of 5 stars to Doctor Who by Terrance Dicks https://t.co/ONkH3T0ic5

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