David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

So apparently...

...The Brain of Morbius has been cleared for imminent DVD release (along with Black Orchid and Invasion of Time, neither of which have been officially scheduled). I've no real feelings either way on that one - it's an OK story, and could make for an interesting commentary assuming Terrance Dicks is involved (can't imagine it being anything other than a Standard Edition, though), but I'm not wildly excited (mind you, I wasn't "wildly excited" about The Time Meddler, but still bought it yesterday...). The sooner they release The Seeds of Doom, though, the better!

And The Five Doctors super-ultimate-bells-'n'-all edition is out next month, which I am rather excited about. :o) The iso-score will be particularly welcome, as will the shedloads of extras.

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