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Addendum to yesterday's post...

According to the BBFC classifications, the Brain of Morbius DVD contains a "coming soon" trailer for The Invisible Enemy and K9 and Company. As has been pointed out on over on what were the OG forums, it's all getting a bit Tom-heavy (The Invasion of Time, Brain and then Enemy*), but even so, Enemy I'm quite looking forward to as apart from a UKGold transmission I've not seen it properly for a while (and have fond memories of the whole miniaturised Doctor & Leela stuff), and K9 and Company is one I'm quite fond of, so...yeah, happy with that selection.


*Mind you, the first four releases of the year include 3 Peter Davison stories (Warriors, 5Docs and Black Orchid) - and we could be clever and say 3 Pertwee stories too (DWATSilurians, Sea Devils and 5Docs), so it all balances out eventually.
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