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The weekend

Had another driving lesson straight from work on Friday evening - nothing wildly exciting, but I'm gradually improving. The round to mum's for fish and chips and a quick shower, before setting out for a quiz evening - me and mum, Tim (who came to meet us at mum's), Judith & Tony who often join us at quizzes, and Kate & Tony, mum's friends, with their daughter Jennifer. A good strong team, and we did really well, coming second at the end. Despite a rather well stocked raffle (for which the various team members on our table paid about £45:00 for tickets, but failed to win a thing) we left by about 10:30pm, so not too late a night either.

The following day started with another driving lesson, this time a two-hour one. It's nice to get up to 60mph, sometimes 70. There are still things that I'm less good at - roundabouts, in particular, freak me out, as there's so much to concentrate on. It doesn't help that half way round the instructor'll tell me that I need to change up to second gear, and I totally flail 'cos, hey, I'm trying to go round this roundabout and do the whole left mirror, left signal, move off the roundabout, and then he wants me to go up a gear as well??? Argh!!!

Oh, and we did emergency stops as well today, in addition to other maneuvres such as reverse bay parking and turn in the road.

I've started reading the theory book, in preparation for taking the test at some time soon.

Sarah came down (in fact, she'd just pulled up in the driveway when I drove up post-lesson, but disappointingly she didn't see me - I'd've quite liked her to actually meet my instructor. Still, some other time), and after I'd had a quick shower, we headed off to see my aunt and uncle for lunch - they run an old folks' home in Witham, and although we'd originally talked in terms of a pub lunch in Chelmsford, they decided it'd be better if we met them there. We had turkey sandwiches, which were nice. One of the reasons for meeting them was to show them the pictures from Thailand, which I forgot to take with me, so no points there. Still, we had a chat about various things, including Thailand (I think we were able to describe it fairly well sans pictures) and wedding plans.

After that, back home to pack my overnight stuff and pick up various things (including the CD-ROM of the Thailand pictures!), and then round to the grandparents (that's my dad's parents; both my mum's and stepdad's parents are no longer with us), where we had a good afternoon/evening. We were also joined by my great aunt "Mabs" (she never used to like being called by her given name, Mabel) and my aunt Lynn (her daughter Karen is getting married in June, which is something exciting to look forward to). Chatted about various things and showed them the Thailand photos, and had fish and chips for dinner before heading back to Sarah's.

The main reason I was stopping over with Sarah was that we were going to meet up with her friend Alina for Sunday lunch; unfortunately, though, we learned when we got to Sarah's that Alina was ill - come down with this flu that's been doing the rounds lately. So plans for Sunday changed a bit - we spent the morning doing some tidying and cleaning in Sarah's house, then dropped a box of stuff round to the lock-up, and had lunch at Nando's and did a spot of shopping at Tesco and Smith's. I picked up a Heroes calendar, which if I can, I'll be pinning up at work. Also, the night before I'd picked up some natural yogurt and some strawberries, which using Sarah's smoothie maker I made into a smoothie. Well, actually Sarah did it when I was in the shower, but anyway...

Had a nap, and then went back to Chelmsford, where I showed Sarah the Family Guy Star Wars episode, which disappointingly she didn't find particularly funny. Mmph. Then Sarah headed back to Barking, and I did a bit of work on my videos, cataloguing a few which have stuff on them to bung into the computer and onto DVD (the second series of the Reeves and Mortimer version of Randall and Hopkirk, and about half of the fifth series of Absolutely Fabulous). Ordered a pizza for a dinner as I couldn't be bother cooking, and watched the final episode in the current series of Kingdom (I hope there's a third series, as there's at least one major plot thread left hanging. And anyway, Stephen Fry.).

I feel a desperate need to write something - anything, but I can't work out what - original fic, fanfic, if the latter what fandom... My NoNaNoWriMo plot has sort of fallen apart - the plot needs some substantial changes which I think is going to need me to go back to the beginning and start again (I don't think it can be resolved by just editing what I've already written), which is rather disspiriting. But I want to write something.


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