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The weekend - W00t!!!


On Saturday, Sarah and I drove out to Letchworth, where she is planning to move to by about this June, and where I will be joining her sometime shortly before our wedding.

We had a general mooch around the town centre, which was quite pleasant, although nothing wildly exciting. I kind of got the feeling I wasn't seeing it at its best ('twas a bit grey and overcast). However, generally it was nice and I can quite see myself settling in there.

We hadn't specifically planned to look at any actual houses, although on a whim we called in at an estate agents. There were a couple of places we were interested in, but neither were available to look at day. However, we've made arrangements to go back in a couple of weeks time - leafing through their list of properties, there were about half a dozen fitting Sarah's requirements. So that's kind of exciting.

On the negative side, Sarah decided that that basically means things are ramping up a gear - which is good and exciting, but it meant that on Sunday she stayed at her place packing stuff in boxes and taking them down to the lock-up.

Before she left on Saturday, we watched an episode of Sapphire and Steel together (and Sarah asked if I'd deliberately chosen one of the more obscure ones. I pointed out that, no, they're all like that...)

Sunday, for me, was spent at home, mostly relaxing - I was painfully aware that I could be being busy and active, but actually I just felt more like soaking up the peaceful restful atmosphere of being by myself for a while. Although I also felt a bit lonely. Did a lot of work on sorting out some video tapes, and also washing up and a bit of tidying up.


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