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The weekend...

...well, as those of you who read Sarah's LJ will know, on Saturday Sarah's house went on the market. Which is slightly nervewracking. Although on the whole I'm looking forward to it. Anyone who's looking for a house suitable for a young couple in Barking really should check it out.

Anyway, next Saturday we're off to Letchworth to look at some houses, and Sarah's seeing her mortgage advisor on Wednesday. I'm not actually moving in with her until about August 2009, a month or before the wedding, but even so, I'll be playing my part in the actual looking for places and decision making part of the process.

There may well be some sort of housewarming.

(Heck, I never got round to having a proper housewarming for the place I'm living in now...)

I had a driving lesson on Saturday morning (which the instructor said was my best drive so far, although I still struggle with roundabouts). Sarah drove down to pick me up after the estate agent had valued her house (somewhat higher than she'd been expecting), and then we set off to Rickmansworth to pick up Rita (Sarah's mum). We took her for a meal at the Two Bridges (a Harvester near Watford), which was pleasant if nothing fancy (and rather busy, so the service was a bit slow). We gave Rita a copy of Bronowski's Ascent of Man which Sarah had bought for her last weekend in Letchworth.

Because of the slow service and the later than planned start, we didn't get back to Chelmsford until quite late in the day, and Sarah wanted to just head straight back for Barking and do more work on her house, which put paid to our plan that Sarah would watch the recent Knight Rider TV Movie. Oh well - that can happen next weekend. I stayed in Chelmsford, and amongst other things watched Love Soup, and giggled at the driving-lesson-at-knife-point scenario.

I had planned to go to Oasis on Sunday morning, but ended up staying at home tidying and cleaning (I actually got some work done on the dining room, which is getting to be a bit like a tip...) and transferring old video tapes into the computer ready for burning to DVD and watching lots of Roswell and eating.

I've been doing a lot of video work lately, and accordingly have masses of blank tapes. Anybody want 'em?

Sarah came down at 1:00pm and we went to Bartellas, a local restaurant, where we had another Mothering Sunday meal, this time with my mum and stepdad, as well as Antonia, Richard, and Jakob. It was pleasant, but the food there was a little "posh" for my fussy tastes. Still, we enjoyed it, and it was lovely to have Jakob there, and I gave mum a present - the DVD of the latest version of Sense and Sensibility, which she liked.

Then Sarah left for First Sunday, leaving me to do more tidying and cleaning and video work and Roswell and food. Tim came back about 8:00pm. His dad's in hospital, which is worrying.

At 9:00pm I started watching and taping Lewis, although I was pretty tired and falling asleep before halfway through, so I went to bed fairly early.


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