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Odds and ends

Listening to a lot of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue lately. I was in fits of giggles yesterday over a round which involved re-enacting scenes from famous films using a Swannee whistle. One of the scenes being that scene from When Harry Met Sally. Also, rather randomly, I've just learned via Humph that roads out of Letchworth was once a specialist subject on Mastermind. Excuse me while my mind boggles slightly.

I have a PWPbunny crossover involving Ianto from Torchwood and George from Being Human. I also am convinced that Jack/Rhys would work, although Jack should darn well pay Ianto more attention. Bad Jack. :o(

Went to Sainsbury's yesterday and picked up the ingredients for a fish soup, although I ended up also picking up McCain's Potato Gourmet mature cheese & wholegrain mustard gratin, which I had with some cod & peas, and it was really rather lovely. So fish soup tonight.

I might treat myself to a trip to the cinema sometime over the weekend. I'd like to see Cloverfield, but that's not on locally any more, which is a shame. So I might try to see either Juno or Jumper, both of which sound interesting in different ways.

Bought the new Doctor Who Magazine this morning. Lots of good stuff within, including a freebie CD. Looks like series 4 won't be starting until sometime in early April. So the prospect of it starting over the Easter weekend, leading to an overlap between that, Torchwood, and Ashes to Ashes, won't be.

I'm definitely going to Orbital. I'd like to go to ECG, which seems to be pretty close to what Easter People used to be. But it's going to be a bit tight doing that straight after Orbital, and it's going to involve borrowing from the female parental unit, and realistically, I think I just need to spend more time involved with my local church and small group. All the mountaintop experiences in the world are no use if I can't cope in the valley. Which, um, I can't. Not really.

I feel the need for a bit of a rest. (Which is kind of rich as most of my time at home is spent either watching DVDs or playing Killer Sudoku.) I still feel a bit...not quite depressed, although there's still that, but just a bit at a skewed angle to reality. Kind of vaguely hoping for a holiday in Wales with Sarah. Maybe after she's moved house that might be a possibility.


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