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Last night's Ashes to Ashes

...was okay. Mainly I was fangirling Russell Tovey. The plot was okay, but I'm more interested in stuff wot advances the Alex Drake arc plot - the whole why she's there and how/if she gets home and whose 1981 fantasy this is anyway.

Tim and I won the quiz last night, along with the guys we normally team up with. We played our joker on Culture Club and Tim aced that, and we also did well on Name the Year and the film & TV rounds (getting quite a few of the bonus questions between us which helped). The other specialist round was songs from Dirty Dancing, in which we had to name the artist. We did well on that, although one of the few we dropped on was The Contours' Do you love me - annoying because only earlier in the day I'd been listening to an ep of ISIHAC in which it featured in Pick-up Song, and I remember Humph saying who was singing it, but could I remember? But yeah, overall a good night's quizzing. Next week we're quizzing in Maldon on Wednesday, 'cos Thursday sees us going to London for the recording of the first in the new series of The Now Show. Which should be fun.

Driving lesson tonight, and then this weekend will be spent with Sarah - househunting on Saturday (we've got four properties to look at in Letchworth, and meanwhile a couple of people are going to be looking at Sarah's house the same day), and generally chilling and relaxing the rest of the time.

Must sort out the hotel booking for Orbital...


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