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A good weekend...

On Friday, I discovered to my surprise that someone I knew about four years ago had added me as a friend on Facebook. So I added her back, and then shortly afterwards she 'phoned me, which was a pleasant surprise. She's engaged and living in Derby now. We said that hopefully if Sarah and I are in the area we might pop up and visit.

Speaking of which, I notice that my cousin, who was engaged and had a wedding date set for June, is now listed on Facebook as single. I'm not sure I want to ask what's gone wrong... :o(

Went with Sarah to Letchworth to look at some houses. The first was okay but nothing special, the fourth was at the upper end of our price range and frankly didn't have much to mark it out from other cheaper properties except a loft room with a nice view.

The second and third, though, were very nice. It'd be nice to be able to put down an offer on either of them, particularly the third one - they were both listed at £185,000, but the owner of the third is rather keen to sell and has said he'll accept offers of £170,000. Unfortunately, although a couple of people were looking at Sarah's house on the same day, it turns out neither of them wanted to make an offer. So it's probably back to the drawing board. We'll see what happens.

Back at my place on Saturday, Sarah watched the recent Knight Rider TV Movie, and enjoyed it, and then Sarah headed for home, although not before we'd checked the rugby results, which Sarah was pleased with (Wales beat Ireland, and also I notice that Scotland beat England. So all that's left is France next week...)

I was sort of vaguely interested in the documentary on BBC2 about Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech, but felt a bit knackered so just left a tape recording it.

Unfortunately at about 9:30pm, we had a power cut - which totally freaked me out as I was at the computer at the time on the 'phone to Sarah. Suddenly, everything went off, and I was left in total darkness. I made my way to the fuse box where I fumbled about and could just about tell that all the switches were in the correct position so it was a power cut and not our fuses blowing. The absolute lack of light (including street lighting) should probably have been a giveaway. Oh well. I stumbled to bed and had a restless night, waking up at about 1:00am as the power had come back on and all the downstairs lights were on as I'd left them. On the negative side, only about 25 minutes of that Enoch Powell doco had taped, but I managed to get hold of a copy. I'll watch it at some point.

On Sunday, I woke up with a headache, which I couldn't shift despite liberal application of 4Head. I ended up being rather lazy during the morning, watching the first few eps of series 2 of Roswell, and having occasional munchies. We'd planned to go for a meal at the local Beefeater, but hadn't been able to get in touch to make a reservation, so instead when Sarah came down we headed straight back up to Barking and had a Nando's.

Unfortunately, Sarah's gas boiler has finally died, so she had no heating or hot water. The gas people had vaguely said they might come round this afternoon to fix it, but 'twas not to be. So instead, the gas man's coming to call on Monday morning. You can't make this sort of thing up. *g*

We spent a relaxing afternoon shnuggling up together, and also dabbled a little in Transformers Risk, which I'd bought Sarah for Christmas but this was its inaugural play. It was enjoyable, but as we were learning the rules as we went, it was also a bit longwinded. We ended after four of the game turns, with a tacit understanding that although Sarah controlled less areas than me, she was well on the way to whupping my ass and would probably have won if we'd played to all six game turns.

Sarah was wearing the Knight Rider T-shirt I'd bought her as belated Valentine gift. Which was nice. There will hopefully be a photo soon. :o)

After that, Sarah dropped me back in Chelmsford, where I did some washing up and watched Lewis, which was fairly entertaining although as the Radio Times preview pointed out, the depiction of gay men was possibly a tad on the clichéd side. It was about someone seeking revenge for a bunch of Christian homophobes (currently the bane of my life in the debate forums on Christian Forums, so I can sort of sympathise, although I'd never go so far as killing them, obv.), and I noticed it was written by Tom MacRae of Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel fame.


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