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So, it's definitely confirmed...

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be two films.

Which I think is good, especially as David Yates is directing.

And, as Kye has pointed out, it means more fandom meetups. Yay! Good Thing!

And there's still Half-Blood Prince to come later this year, so the world of HP-dom still isn't dead, even though the final book has been well and truly published (can I stop posting plot points under spoiler cuts now??!).

And on t'same BBC news page, I see that there's going to be a new Carry On film. Mmm. Dunno. I mean, I like the original films, but I think if Carry On Columbus proved anything it's that without the familiar faces, they're not the same. (Mind you, if ...England and ...Emmanuelle are anything to go by, even the familiar faces can't rescue a dud...)

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