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Fish soup

I was idly looking through some old entries, and found this recipe for fish soup, which I was meaning to re-post a while back but couldn't find it. Anyway, here y'go. It's loosely based on a Delia Smith recipe, and then rather altered beyond anything she'd be likely to recognise. But I like it. Enjoy, should you be so inclined.

Fish Soup - a recipe.
Take some cod. Or haddock. Cod or haddock, either, doesn't matter. I'm lousy at weights, but about 3" wide by 7" long by ½" thick, maybe a bit bigger. Some shops (Sainsbury, Tesco, etc) sell cod in squared off chunks, and three or four of these would be ideal, although I prefer smoked dyed cod, but that's just a personal preference.

Place the cod (or haddock) in a pan with some milk, and a bit of salt, pepper and mixed herbs for seasoning. Bring to the boil and then simmer gently for about 15 minutes.

While this is happening, grill some kipper. My personal preference is for kipper with the skin and the "dark" meat (underneath) removed, so (I) do this to the kipper when it's grilled, and also to some pieces of mackerel (although as they're pre-cooked, there's no need to grill them).

Prepare some potatoes - about 1lb - by dicing them. Bring them to the boil in water, then allow them to simmer gently for about 20 minutes. Also cook some peas, about 8oz.

Put the cooked cod/haddock, kipper, mackerel, peas and potatoes into a dirty big bowl. Put to one side. Pour the milk that was used to cook the cod into a jug or somesuch.

Melt some butter in the bottom of a pan; add a couple of tablespoons of flour to this, stirring gently, and then add the milk gradually to make a white sauce.

Grate some cheese into this sauce. Also add some Wholegrain mustard.

Pour the rest of the ingredients into the sauce.

This could probably feed about half a dozen people; I have it in (normally) three sittings - a couple of bowlfuls (with a bit of vinegar to taste) for an evening meal, and then the rest for breakfast and dinner the following day. I used to have it every Wednesday without fail, but these days I only have it on very infrequent occasions, often "special" ones. (I did go through a phase of cooking it up on Christmas Eve. There are odder Christmas traditions. Christmas crackers, for example. I mean, wtf?)

For variety, don't add the potatoes with the rest of the ingredients; instead, put everything else in the dirty big bowl, pour the cheese sauce over this, and then mash the potatoes and put them on top as a pie crust (you may need a bit more than 1lb for this). Grate a bit of cheese over the mashed potatoes and then brown this off under the grill.

I really like it. Other people (particularly those who don't like fish) have turned their noses up in disgust. But if you think you might like it, feel free to use it, and indeed to adapt it to your own tastes - I'm sure it might work equally well for other types of fish (prawns, maybe?) or indeed for meat or for something else entirely.

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