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EasterCon and Life on Mars/A2A musings

Whether you celebrate Easter as a Christian festival, a Pagan festival, a chance to eat lots of chocolate eggs, something else, or a combination of the above, Happy Easter!

EasterCon continues to be enjoyable - this morning I went to the Easter morning service, followed by the Bad Blake's 7 Slash panel (huge fun and much laughter all round) and a discussion that started off as "Is Sam Tyler really the Master" but ended up being a pretty general discussion on Doctor Who, Life on Mars, Torchwood, and some random Primeval (which I must watch 'cos I get the impression I'd really enjoy it).

Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes thought - So, in LoM it was clearly-ish established that Sam was in a coma and not really in 1973. In Ashes to Ashes it's assumed from the outset that Alex is in a coma as a result of getting shot.

What if the assumption is wrong? I just sort of feel that if is it all an imaginary construct in Alex's head then a.) it removes any dramatic interest (because for one thing we know how it's going to resolve), b.) it removes any character interest, and c.) it doesn't quite make sense, because there's stuff that's happening that I'm not sure Alex would create in her head (if she knows Sam is dead in 2007 or wherever she comes from, then why did she create the whole "he drowned but the body wasn't found" scenario?). What if it's actually not Alex's coma/imaginary construct? What if it's her daughter's (a plausible suggestion, although I can't see it happening) or the gunman's from the first episode, or Gene's, or even Sam's? What do we make of the whole issue where every scene in LoM was from Sam's PoV, whereas in A2A there are chunks that aren't from Alex's PoV, or even where Alex isn't present?

Help. I'm thinking.

Debating whether to buy a Beeblebear.

Next weekend Sarah and I will be visiting her family (and of course our new nephew). Weekend after that the new Doctor Who starts - much yayness. Sadly the househunting has stalled a bit, as we still need to someone to put down an offer on Sarah's house before we can put down an offer on anywhere in Letchworth.

Is it me or has Google's front page changed?

Oh well - off for K-9 agility. Should be fun!

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