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Ashes to Ashes...

I'm still thinking about it (and if my musings are right, then it's going in a direction that's totally unexpected, except to most of fandom who've been predicting it since about before the first episode), but until I get my head sorted out, can I be honest and say that the best thing about TV last night was the Doctor Who trailer that came after A2A??! I think I might have squeed a bit. Sorry.

Oh, and Torchwood tonight - I'm looking forward to seeing Fragments properly, and indeed hearing it properly.

And new Doctor Who starts Saturday week. I can't bring myself to get terribly worked up about the early time slot - RTD might be right, it might be bad news, but I'm inclined to just wait and see. Whatever, it'll be good to have the programme back.

And about a month off, but there'll be new eps of Supernatural soon as well. *happy*

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