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LJ meme.

Gacked from snowgrouse


1. What is your LiveJournal username? How did you come up with it?
davidbrider. Which, boringly, is my real first name and surname as one word with no capitals or spaces.

2. Have you renamed before? If so, what were your old names? If you haven't renamed, what names would you want to rename to?
I haven't, but I'm sometimes tempted to for security issues. If I changed, it might be to "Royal Marriage". There are reasons for that name.

3. How much does your userinfo say about you?
It's got a potted biography, although I don't always keep it up to date.

4. How long have you been on LiveJournal?
Since 2003. One of my earliest posts was about the BBC deciding to bring back Doctor Who with RTD as executive producer & lead writer.

5. What is the longest amount of time you've gone without posting?
Not sure - these days no longer than a few days, and that would have to be if I'm away on holiday with zero or very limited internet access.

6. On average, how many entries do you post per day? (Divide how many total entries you have by how many days you've been on LJ.)
Surprisingly it averages out to 1.009 per day, despite there being some days when I post half a dozen or more.

7. What are your posts normally about?
All sorts. I originally started my LJ as a sort of substitute for a paper diary, and many of my entries are effectively diary entries, just describing what I've done over the past few days - as much for me as for anyone else, although if anyone else finds them interesting then that's cool. Others are related to various fandoms I'm involved with - reviews, GIPs, fanfic, recs, discussions, news stories (although many of these tend to be at communities rather than my personal LJ. Also, I post a fair few memes.

8. Is your LiveJournal friends only? Why or why not?
I went through a phase last summer when I F'locked all my archive posts and posted Friends-only for a few months. I'm now back off Friends-only except for certain posts which I feel need to be F-only (some posts are totally private, but they tend to be reminders to myself.

9. Does your LiveJournal have an actual title or are you merely USER @ LiveJournal?
Well, the subtitle is "One of life's pilgrims".

10. How long do you see yourself staying on LiveJournal?
As long as I've got friends here, I'll stay, although the plan is to use Insanejournal as a writing journal (for fanfic and original projects), and to maybe spend a bit more time at journalfen too.


11. How many people are on your friendslist, not counting private journals, media journals, etc?
98 on my mutual friends list. Another 52 who I've Friended but haven't Friended me (or in some cases, who have Friended me but have then subsequently de-Friended me), and another 9 who've Friended me but I've not reciprocated (normally 'cos they're fairly empty journals or I can't really understand why they Friended me in the first place).

12. Why do you choose to add a person to your friendslist?
It's a combination of folks who I know in real life and/or have met at various conventions or fan gatherings; people whose journals I've read after they've posted interesting things in various comms; and people I've found after doing searches for particularly obscure interests, and have decided it'd be interesting to get to know them better.

13. Is your friendslist an actual list of people you consider friends, or more of a reading list?
A combination - see above.

14. How often do you read your friendslist?
Fairly often - more'n once a day, although I often filter it to just journals rather than communities.

15. Do you use filters when viewing your friendslist?
Only to filter out communities (they can make the Flist rather heavygoing on occasions). I do have some custom filters set up, but I rarely if ever use them.

16. How much do you talk to people on your friendslist off of LiveJournal?
Some of them. A lot of the folks on my Flist are fannish geeks, and it's often pleasant to meet and chat with my fellow fen offline.

17. Do you do friendscuts? Why or why not?
No - I never de-Friend, even people who've de-Friended me in acrimonious circumstances (and there've been a couple of them). Can't see the point.

18. Do you regularly participate in friending memes? If not, how do you normally find people to friend?
Not often - once in a while, maybe. I say that - if I come across one I'll normally participate in it - but I tend to not come across them. And as for the second part of the question, see answer 12 above.

19. How often do you add new friends to your friendslist?
From time to time. Conventions normally skew the figures a bit.

20. Do your friends have to have things in common with you?
I can't imagine Friending someone with whom I didn't share a.) a few common interests, b.) a few common Friends, or c.) a few common Communities. The more we have in common in those three categories, the more likely I am to randomly Friend complete strangers.


21. How many userpics do you get maximum? How many of those slots do you actually use?
I have 141 out of a maximum of 142. The time has come for me to either get rid of some or buy more userpic allocation. As an obsessive hoarder who doesn't like throwing things away, the latter is more likely... As it is, I've got many more icons up at photobucket - I post them there initially for GIPs, and then upload them to LJ when/if I want to use them.

22. Do you mostly use icons made by yourself or by others?
Mostly by myself, although there are a few that I've snagged by other people.

23. Do you have your own icon community? How often do you post in it?
No. I suppose I could do, although I don't know if there'd be much interest in it.

24. What fandoms are most frequently seen in your userpics?
Doctor Who comes out on top, with Supernatural a very distant second.

25. How do you find icons to use?
If I'm making them, I'm normally inspired by some dialogue in something I'm watching and apply the text to a suitable image (or sometimes just do a text only icon). Otherwise, if I see something I like, I download it (after asking permission, unless it's in a post explicitly for icon sharing). Last year I went looking for some Supernatural icons on one occasions, but that's definitely an exception.

26. How often do you upload new icons to use in your userpics?
When I feel like it. Sometimes I start thinking "I need an icon for such-and-such a fandom" and either make or snag one.

27. Which of your userpics do you use the most?
My default one (the little mini-me).

28. Which of your userpics do you like the most?
Depends on which mood I'm in, but the mini-me tends to suffice unless I'm in a particularly fandom-ish mood. My "Martha made of win" icon is one I'm quite fond of, because, heck, I like Martha, she is made of win, and Freema is pretty darned gorgeous. Although sunlightdances has a far better picture of Martha/Freema.

29. The old minimum number of userpics was three. Could you see yourself "surviving" on three userpics now?
No way! (I think this question should say "maximum" instead of "minimum"...)

30. What do your userpics say about you?
Well, I think you'd get the distinct impression that I was quite fond of Doctor Who. More than that, I wouldn't like to say.


31. How many fandom communities are you a part of?
Several - some Doctor Who and Harry Potter comms (multiple comms for each fandom) and also some for Firefly, Jonathan Creek, Lewis, Fry & Laurie, Being Human, Quantum Leap, Torchwood, some related to bands/singers I like (Suzanne Vega, Pet Shop Boys). Also some really general ones which don't really count as "fandom" per se.

32. Do you join fanfic or icon communities or only the general communities?
A mixture, depending on what I'm interested in.

33. How many fandom communities do you moderate?
I started up a community about Carey Mulligan, and I think technically I'm moderator there, but as nothing much happens there it's a bit academic.

34. How often do you check fandom communities for new posts?
Pretty frequently, but sometimes my Flist can get a bit bogged down with comm posts (especially immediately after a new ep of Doctor Who...I'm just sayin', is all...) and I tend to filter out comms on those occasions, 'cos it's more interesting to read people's personal LJs.

35. Do you contribute to fandom? If so, by way of what?
Creating icons, writing the occasional fic, working on fanvids most of which never get finished, taking part in discussions, going to fan meetups.

36. Which fandoms are you most active in?
Doctor Who and a bit of Harry Potter. Apart from that, depends on my mood and the way my muse takes me.

37. What do your choice of fandoms say about you?
I have no idea!

38. Do you make friends based on fandom?
Yes, sometimes. I like it when I share an interest or five with someone.

39. Have you ever read (or been featured on) fandom_wank?
Read occasionally. Not been featured on to the best of my knowledge.

40. What is one thing you wish you could change about fandom?
I think some of the infighting and bitchiness can get a bit taxing, because I'm not a naturally bitchy or fighty person, and if it's aimed even vaguely in my direction I tend to take it personally, and when people I know start falling out it gets upsetting. But generally fandom's good fun to be part of, particularly when you get fan meetups and geekups. IMO.

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