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Doctor Who - Partners in Crime recap

  • Ooh, no pre-credits teaser.

  • And Donna's back.

  • Nice comedy music. Kinda reminds me of City of Death.

  • They're showing this presentation from film. Haven't they heard of Powerpoint? Or DVDs?

  • So Doctor Who does farce as the Doctor and Donna just manage to avoid seeing each other for several minutes. Can be very comedic if it's done well. Here it's mostly meh.

  • Yay! Psychic paper's back!

  • Oh, stop flirting with the Doctor, plz, ms telesales woman.

  • Who's playing Roger Davey? Sure I recognise him.

  • Pot calling kettle black here, but this Stacey's lost 11 pounds? Does Adipose have some kind of placebo effect then?

  • Yay! Cat people joke!

  • What's happening to Stacey? I'm thinking this is not for the squeamish...

  • The Doctor has a flux capacitor? Neat.

  • Oh, cute Adipose.

  • Oh, bless, they're like those little things in the Vauxhall Corsa ad...

  • Why does Stacey have lots of picture frames with no pictures in them? This is weird.

  • Oh. No. Tragic death of a decent normal person. Bit of an RTD trademark that. (Note to self: don't get emotionally invested in anyone who seems decent or likeable. Will probably be disappointed if do.)

  • Doctor, why do you want to stand in front of a van that's speeding towards you? You've not turned thick all of a sudden, have you?

  • Are the two security guards going to be a camp double act? That would be good.

  • Bernard Cribbins YAY!!!

  • Actually, this Donna/Wilf scene is really sweet.

  • "I'm not drifting. I'm waiting."

  • "He's still out there, somewhere." Hang on, isn't that what the Doctor said to the police inspector in Logopolis, referring to the Master? Is this some kind of clue about future events..?

  • The Doctor's lonely. Bless.

  • Taking a 'phone call in the toilet? Does anyone actually do that? Gross...

  • Does the entire security team at Adipose consist of two men with machine guns?

  • This is all very Sarah Jane Adventures. In fact, it's a virtual retread of Invasion of the Bane.

  • Aw, they're still really cute.

  • Could you two just stop gurning at each other? Apart from the fact that it's very Sylvester McCoy, there's also the not insignificant point that Miss Foster's bound to see you.

  • Oh good, she has.

  • Machine guns to unlock a door? That's a bit OTT. Is it meant to be comedy?

  • Yay! Doctor & Donna back together! And a hug! Hugging is good (as long as there's no "companion fancying Doctor" subtext). And yeah, slag off his limited fashion sense! Go girl!

  • Yes, on reflection, the entire security team at Adipose consists of two men with machine guns. That's not terribly credible (although this is a series about a man who travels in time and space in a machine that looks like a police box, so my "terribly credible" threshold may be a little off base anyway).

  • So where the hell did Miss Foster get her sonic thing from?

  • 'ang on, how did he get that window open when he couldn't before? Did I blink and miss something?

  • "How can you lose a planet?" LOL!

  • Ooh, the Doctor's getting all manly and threatening!

  • "Do you know what happens if you hold two identical sonic devices against each other?" "No." "Nor me. Let's find out." LOL!

  • Is Miss Observer woman going to spend most of the episode tied up? V. kinky.

  • The Shadow Proclamation. Ooh. This series' running theme? The title of the 12th episode perchance? We shall see...

  • "Martha Jones, she was brilliant." Yay! You tell it like it is, Doc. If you're lucky, we might even forgive you for breaking the poor girl's heart.

  • "Mark the date." Yeah, but what date? At least give Lance Parkin something to work with, please.

  • Ooh, that cabbie just squished half a dozen Adipose. Rotten swine.

  • Lots of teh cute Adipose! I can haz Adipose plushie nao, plz?

  • Yay! Donna in "companion heroically saves the day" moment. I could grow to love her.

  • "I think the Doctor happened." Well, no, not quite. But even so, nice line.

  • Ooh, bloody nice spaceship.

  • Oh God, poor Wilf, is he doomed to always believe there's aliens out there but never quite see proof? He's sort of like Mulder and Scully all rolled into one...

  • Miss Foster does a Servalan "Maximum Power" pose. Nice!

  • More of teh cute Adipose. Now they're like the bunnies in the Bunnvac in Curse of the Were Rabbit.

  • "They're just children, they can't help where they come from." Donna implies this is a radical character shift for the Doctor, but is it really?

  • "I'm waving at fat." LOL!

  • And yeah, it does seem like a good weight loss idea.

  • Falling from a height like that has so got to hurt. And, erm, very Wile E Coyote moment before the fall...

  • "I'm gonna report you for madness." LOL!

  • With Martha, it got complicated, and that was all my fault." Yes. It was. Why don't you tell her that when she turns up. Say "sorry". Y'never know, we might forgive you...

  • "You're not mating with me, sunshine!" LOL!

  • Is the guy in the red jacket following Donna supposed to be at all relevant? Looks like he's going to attack her, or something. Is this just a bit of sloppy directing, or some actual foreshadowing of something?


  • OMFG where the hell did Rose disappear to?

  • Oh dear, slightly naff effect there as the TARDIS flies off and Donna and the Doctor wave at Wilf. Thing is, I know full well the Mill can do miles better than that (see the spaceship earlier in the ep), so who the hell let that one through? Eurgh.

  • "NEXT TIME": "It's volcano day". Which is what Captain Jack said, isn't it?

  • Phil Davis & Peter Capaldi in the same episode. Damn, that should be a cracker.

    ETA: And the two security guards seem to have survived, so maybe they can be a camp double act?

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