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Comic books and Serenity and Supernatural

Ahead of The Now Show recording yesterday, because Tim and I had arrived in central London with Rather A Lot Of Time To Kill, we headed down to Forbidden Planet, where I picked up the first two issues of the latest Serenity comic book series, Better Days, which look just as wondrous as Those Left Behind did, and there's also the promise of a future comic book series telling the story of Shepherd Book, which should be fascinating.

One of the guys at the recording - someone I've chatted to before, but can't remember his name, was wearing a Serenity T-shirt, so he wins at life. He mentioned an upcoming Serenity convention in the UK. I think he said it's in the next couple of weeks or so, too soon for me to think about going, but I'd quite like to go to one in the future.

Also picked up the third issue of Titan's Torchwood magazine, which was good, although I can't be the only one who finds it somewhat bizarre that despite Torchwood the TV series being aimed at an adult audience and Doctor Who being more family-oriented, the magazines seem to be the other way round. I'm not necessarily talking in terms of swearing or anything like that, but whereas DWM tends to go for very text-heavy articles with small text closely bunched together, the Torchwood mag seems to go for fairly large text widely spaced.

Also, can anyone explain why my local Smith's hasn't stocked the second issue of Torchwood never mind the third, whilst it did have the second ish of Titan's Supernatural magazine the other weekend? I'd have thought that Supernatural was rather a minority interest in the UK compared to Torchwood...

On which note - do any of the Supernatural fans on my Flist know if there's a Supernatural comic book out there? The Titan mag doesn't include any comic strip, which is a shame. I'm sure a Supernatural comic book would be a good thing and V Popular. And I'd buy one if one already existed.

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