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Okay...because I'm a very bad boy, I managed to go a couple of weeks or so (starting around the time of EasterCon) without taking my antidepressants. Ironically, I didn't feel too bad during this time, but now I'm back on them, I'm starting to feel rather low. Which is...annoying, to say the least.

Keep making the mistake of getting into heated and protracted discussions about homosexuality over on Christian Forums. One has been going for a few weeks now, but it's reaching the point (indeed, may have reached the point some time ago but I was just too bloody stubborn to admit it) where I'm banging my head against a brick wall, not helped by the fact that the person I'm chiefly debating with is...well, let's just say, rather strange.

Is there a good LGBTQ Christian forum out there? I think maybe fellowship rather than debate is something I should be going for.

Speaking of which, for the first time in a while I'm off to Community Group meeting tonight, and I'm even vaguely hoping that I might make it down to the Sunday morning service this weekend. Generally, this week's been better than I've managed in quite a while in terms of being at least vaguely organised, getting up on time, getting out of the house on time for work, regular meals, doing some of the tidying up that needs doing around the house. Still a bit of progress to be made, but it feels like I'm getting there.

Tim and I were out quizzing last night - in order to accommodate Community Group meetings (and other commitments, church-related and otherwise) being on Thursday evenings, we're tending to go to Pete's Maldon quiz on Wednesdays instead of his Bicknacre quiz on Thursdays. We didn't do spectacularly well - fell to pieces on the film and TV rounds, for one thing, and although we did okay on Quickfire '80s, the other specialist rounds didn't exactly play to our strengths. Out of 10 teams (ironically, the Bicknacre quiz isn't happening this week, so a few teams from there had made it over to Maldon instead), we came about fourth or fifth. Oh well.

Sarah's ill. Some sort of cough/cold thing that's sort of settled in her lungs and risking aggravating her asthma. She's been off work all week, and her doctor has put her on steroids. Prayers and general good vibes would be appreciated.

Assuming Sarah's health doesn't get too bad (and ideally improves), the plan at the moment is that we're seeing my dad on Saturday, and on Sunday having a family meal to celebrate my sister's birthday. Then next Wednesday, Sarah's got her postponed OU exam (it was going to be last October, but that was shortly after Mick's death, so she got it postponed), followed by her going to America for BotCon. I'll be taking the time off work (Thursday 24th - Monday 28th, anyway), but staying in Chelmsford for the duration (or possibly going up to London to see avonette. Oh, and going to see The History Boys next Thursday. Which should be fun.


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