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Real life stuff.

Sarah's away at Botcon in Cincinatti for the weekend - flew out there on Thursday morning, and her flight back touches down on Tuesday morning. I spent Wednesday with her in London. Well, I met her in Barking, then went with her to her OU resit exam in Camden Town, then had a wander round London and met her from the exam. She doesn't think she's done well, but isn't bothered as if she fails it means she gets to retake the whole of the past year's course in 2010 (she's not doing anything this year or next), and given the emotional turbulence of last year, she regards that as a Good Thing.

Meeting her in Barking was fun - I arrived at about 11:30am, and waited for her to arrive at the railway station. After about half an hour it turned out that the bus from her place to the railway station wasn't running 'cos of some road closure or other. She was able to drive down to meet me (and left the car parked at Vicarage Fields for the day, setting her back over £7:00...), but that took her another half an hour as the outskirts of Barking turned into gridlock, so although we'd left a planned couple of hours for her to get to Camden Town, we ended up having about an hour. Still, made it in time, just about.

Back in Barking, we collected the car and went to Nando's in Beckton and a bit of shopping at Tesco's, before going to Sarah's for shnuggles. Which were nice.

The following day I had an appointment at the doctor's in the morning. I've been prescribed some pills which will hopefully help with my diabetes, but I also need to be more sensible about what I eat. Not looking forward to that. Oh, and yesterday, I went to the hospital to get a blood sample taken.

That evening, went to see The History Boys with seiyaharris and some of the folks I've met through slack_n_slash and london_slashers. I far preferred it to the film, mainly because the guy playing Hector (who was actually the understudy) made him a far more sympathetic character (IMO) than Richard Griffiths did. OTOH, the seats at Wyndham's were rather tight and the whole thing lasted a good 2 1/2 hours, and I was quite pleased to get out of there.

That aside, most of Thursday and Friday were spent at home, as I'm taking a bit of a break, and managing to do a bit of housework (I've done some quite a bit of tidying and cleaning today, and am Quite Pleased with that). Monday, I'm hoping to do something else, as I'll've been paid by then. Don't know exactly what I'll do, but might pop into London, have a bit of a wander/shop, and maybe a.) eat at a Nando's and b.) pop into Coffee, Cake & Kink. Or go to the cinema (I quite like the sound of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and it had a good review in one of the London free papers last week, and it's got Russell Brand in it too). Or something else entirely. Anyone in the general area want to meet up that day?


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