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Last couple of days

Wednesday was Jakob's birthday, so I popped round to my sister's after work to say "happy birthday" to the birthday boy. He seemed to be enjoying himself.

After that, round to mum's for fish and chips, followed by going with mum to see Barry Cryer at the local theatre. That was good fun. Colin Sell provided piano accompaniment and played a couple of his own songs which were entertaining, and Barry told many rather old but very funny jokes, none of which I can remember unfortunately. There were many anecdotes about his life and career, including several about Humph.

Then yesterday I went round to mum's after work, doing a bit of work on her computer (doing my first part of the BSM Mind Alertness Programme, and then some scanning...the sooner I get myself a printer/scanner combo the better...), and then over to Gordon & Sally's (our cell group leaders), before going with them to Church of the Holy Spirit where we were holding Powerhouse, our church's monthly prayer meeting. That was enjoyable, partly for seeing several old friends and feeling back home again despite not having been to one of the regular Sunday morning services since I don't remember when (I'll hopefully make it down this Sunday, though), but not least because of a tangible sense of God being there and sort of...pushing me forward.

I managed to leave my work security tag and my pen drive at mum's, neither of which were anything major, but I hope to get them back tonight.

Speaking of which, tonight (after driving lesson and food) I'm taking mum to the cinema to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Looking forward to that, although it'll be a rather late night (starts at 9:20pm).

Sarah'll be coming over tomorrow and we'll be working on the AV stuff for First Sunday, as well as popping round to see the family for a little birthday "do" for Jakob - I need to get his present ready by then... Then on Sunday after the morning service with Oasis, I'll be popping up to Barking to see Sarah and join her for First Sunday itself. Plan at the moment is that on Monday we'll be going to Regent's Park zoo, which should make for a pleasant time. Might make it back in time for the local Doctor Who group fortnightly meeting, assuming it does actually happen on a Bank Holiday.

We didn't have any council elections in Chelmsford, so I didn't get to do any voting. I'm really rather worried about the prospects of Boris becoming mayor. Although the news that the BNP have gained seats is even more worrying. I mean, yes, we have the freedom to vote with our conscience, but even so, they're racists, end of story.

I've seen the latest ep of Supernatural, Long Distance Call and enjoyed it - better, IMO, than Ghostfacers, which was okay but possibly played a tad too much for laughs.

New Doctor Who on Saturday, and for that matter new HIGNFY tonight (BRIAN BLESSED!!!) and new Peep Show. And I might get round to watching Pushing Daisies tomorrow night...


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