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...took mum to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall on Friday. It was enjoyable, and not really quite what I was expecting. Russell Brand was good fun. And as a True Geek TM, I particularly enjoyed the scene of one guy wearing a T-shirt bearing the logo, "I see dead pixels". *g*

There are a few films coming out this year that I'm quite looking forward to - Quantum of Solace, the new Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Prince Caspian. None of them were trailered before the main feature. Not one. Tch. Mind you, there was a trailer for Wanted, which I quite like the look of because, well, James McAvoy, and also Mamma Mia! looks like it could be good fun.

Picked up the new Doctor Who DVD, The Invasion of Time today (the extras seem pretty lack-lustre verging on pointless - The Elusive David Agnew, I'm looking at you - but I'm looking forward to giving the serial a proper watch, and the optional replacement CGI effects seem pretty stylish), and also picked up the 2-disc 40th anniversary edition of The Sound of Music for a tenner.

Meanwhile, I've started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, having borrowed the first three series from avonette. Enjoying it so far.


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