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The weekend

Not a bad one, all things considered, but not quite what we were planning/expecting.

I had a driving lesson on Saturday morning, after which Sarah came round and we got working on the video clips for First Sunday. We were trying to find a copy of Hale & Pace's The Stonk, but the only copy on Youtube was rather poor quality, and although I borrowed Tim's Comic Relief '91 tape, it didn't feature on there. We did, however, find a good clip of a Mr Bean skit, which featured prominent use of a red nose (the main requirement).

Things were interrupted at 3:00pm, when we went round to Antonia & Richard's for a little birthday do. I'd started work on his main birthday present that morning - a video clip syncing up pictures from The Very Hungry Caterpillar with Mitch Benn's musical version of the same. However, as it took me about an hour to do 30 seconds of it, it was nowhere near finished, so it'll be belated. However, Sarah had popped into Clinton Cards on one of her nearby trading estates, and picked up a Winnie the Pooh card ('cos Jakob loves Winnie the Pooh) and a little toy giraffe ('cos Jakob loves giraffes).

Sarah had also been looking for our copy of The Incredibles to use a clip of Violet for First Sunday (the theme being "Colours of the Rainbow"), and as she hadn't been able to find it either at her house or in the storage lockup, she'd bought a copy (for over £20:00) so that they could use a 50 second clip.

Had she asked me, of course, she'd have found that our copy was on my DVD shelf and she could have saved herself over £20:00...

After we finished at Antonia & Richard's, Sarah was feeling a bit tired and unwell, and went back to Barking. In theory I could have spent the evening completing the work for First Sunday, but I was feeling a bit unproductive myself, so instead I settled for watching Doctor Who, ordering a pizza, and having a fairly early night myself.

On Sunday, after breakfast (which consisted of, um, finished off that pizza from last night), I finished the work on the video clips and burned the final DVD - I'd had to get a couple of clips from Youtube (fact: if you add &fmt=18 after the address, you a.) get a slightly better quality clip, and b.) can download it as an mpeg file instead of a flv file, which is rather useful). One of the clips, an Orange film ad, I tweaked slightly (so that the end caption read: "A Mobile 'Phone can ruin First Sunday. Please switch it off.") Unfortunately, they decided to not use that one this time round, but hopefully it can be pressed into service for a later one, as I think it's too good not to use...

Sarah picked me up and dropped me off at her house, while she went to the Corps to help with the First Sunday set-up. I quite enjoy going to Sarah's house - for all that Barking isn't exactly the greatest place in the world, and for all that the house is on the small side, it's pleasant being there. Pity she's pretty much definitely going to sell it (if she can find a buyer).

Anyway, I spent a relaxing couple of hours at Sarah's, doing some Killer Sudoku (yeah, I have a funny idea of "relaxing"), and having a shower, before heading to the Corps for quite a pleasant evening's First Sunday. After that, we went to Nando's for dinner before heading back to Sarah's for sleep.

We had talked about going to Regent's Park Zoo on Monday, but instead we thought about maybe going to Epping Forest and also (after it was mentioned in First Sunday last night) to Greensted (in Chipping Ongar, not to be confused with Greenstead in Colchester), where can be found the oldest wooden church in the world. All well and good.

We were a bit later than leaving than would have been ideal, so we decided to grab some food. Given our love of Nando's, I suggested Harlow, which a.) has a Nando's and b.) is fairly close to Epping Forest and Greensted. Again, all well and good. Indeed, I quite liked what we saw of Harlow, especially the Water Gardens area, and suggested that it might be a nice alternative place to move to (so far, Sarah's pretty much committed to Letchworth Garden City).

So, a pleasant meal and a little browse around the shops (during which I picked up Doctor Who: The Invasion of Time and The Wizard of Oz). And then we got in the car to drive to Greensted Church, and spend about 1½ hours stuck on the A414 trying to get past the junction with the M11. This was not fun, and by the time we'd cleared this section, all thoughts of going to Greensted or Epping Forest had gone by the wayside. We might do that next weekend or the weekend after, but by this stage all we were in the mood for was getting home. Stopped off at Tesco for some food shopping before going to my place for a bit of a snuggle (and also to work on that Caramelldansen video which I posted yesterday), before Sarah headed for home.

I watched some of Invasion of Time and the first 1½ episodes of Buffy, as well as having chicken for dinner (oh dear, I could maybe do with a bit of variety), and Tim watched the snooker, of course. The evening session was all over rather quickly.

Not a bad weekend, but I'm looking forward to next weekend and seeing Sarah again.


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