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So, this Thursday is the season finale of Supernatural, and for all that I've enjoyed the post-writer's strike episodes, I'm a bit *meh*, because quite frankly there's been no real sense of ramping-up-the-tension to the resolution of the whole "Dean has only a year left to live" (except that as of Time is on my side, three weeks left). I hope it's a real kick-ass finale. I'm just dubious...

In other news, I've no objection to people being homophobic, just so long as they do it behind closed doors and keep it to themselves. OTOH, if they're going to post their bile in public forums (and caveat it with, "I'm not homophobic! Not at all! Look, I've got friends who are teh gay! And they know that I think their lifestyle is An AbominationTM and they don't mind!!!"), it's fun watching them tie themselves into linguistic knots while I patiently bring up fact after fact that knocks their arguments flat... *g* It keeps me vaguely sane, if occasionally knocking my head against my desk...

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