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David Brider

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Why dear God, why???

Which utter idiot decided that Donnie Darko needed a sequel???!


In other news, I'm feeling better than I was yesterday night (thanks for the words of support), Sarah was okay but had left her 'phone upstairs (mmph - and she tells me off for not keeping my 'phone turned on and with me at all times? There will be words..!), and we're off to York over the bank holiday weekend. Tomorrow, meanwhile, we're going to sit down and start drawing up lists of Important Things Wot Need To Be Done for the wedding.

(Sarah has mentioned a scary word: budget.)

Oh, and I've got something going through my mind that will probably manifest itself as a macro-type thing later this evening. Suffice it to say, it relates to a forthcoming film starring Will Smith, and a certain Birmingham born actor and comedian.

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