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As much for my own interest as anything else, but what the heck, I see no reason not to make this a public post.

Books I've read (or at least finished reading) this year):

Making Money - Terry Pratchett
Blind Faith - Ben Elton
Sepulchre - Kate Mosse
American Gods - Neil Gaiman (only started last Friday, and I'm already 400 pages in)

Books I'm planning on reading in the next few weeks/months:

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman
McCarthy's Bar - Pete McCarthy
America Unchained - Dave Gorman
Double or Die - Charlie Higson
Hurricane Gold - Charlie Higson
Devil May Care - Sebastian Faulks

After that, it's a bit vague...I've got quite a stack (in fact several stacks) of books waiting to be read, and although I've no real desire to add to them, it's quite a challenge for me to go into a bookshop and not buy something new! I've got Wintersmith but not The Wee Free Men or A Hat Full of Sky, so I might buy those two so that I can read all three; similarly I've got The Devil in Amber but not The Vesuvius Club and might pick up TVC just so I can read the two. (Isn't Gatiss meant to be writing a third book in the series? And does anyone know what's happening with the TV adaptation that was reported about a year back?)

And after then, who knows. This LJ was never to meant to be a reading blog, but I suspect that I'll post reviews of the books I read as I read them, just to keep me vaguely active.

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