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Permission requested...

...to feel utter crap?

It's a combination of factors - depression (mind you, failing to take my pills doesn't help), emotional crap (why do people you thought were decent and friendly, if not actually friends, have this capacity to turn round and be really really cruel and meanspirited? Still not fully recovered from someone doing that last summer, and it's not nice), extreme knackeredness (doesn't help that between quizzing and HIGNFYing I've had two really late nights), and my legs are killing me (I think I need to rub some Deep Heat on my knees).

On the bright side, only 2½ hours left at work, then home, rest, and tomorrow I'm up to Sheffield with Sarah and multiclassgeek for blazingskies' birthday bash, which promises to be quality time spent with friends, a bit of a rest, a change of scene, and wonderfully geeky.

And I've just been informed that the computers are going down in half an hour (good of them to let us know...) which might leave me at a bit of a loose end and I might be able to leave a bit early...


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