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I feel crap.

Wouldn't mind, but I had a really lovely weekend - up in Rotherham* with Sarah, multiclassgeek, and several other good geeky folks to celebrate blazingskies' birthday in style. And I was feeling pretty chipper until about an hour ago, at which point I suddenly had that familiar feeling of being stuck in a little box with the walls closing in and wanting to scream and shout and hit the walls repeatedly.

Not good. It's not been this bad for some considerable time.

If I'm not better by this evening, I might try hibernating.

On the bright side, Doctor Who at the weekend was fun. Didn't rate it quite as high on first viewing as the previous episode, but I suspect it may be a grower. Need to give it another shot. If I don't end up hibernating tonight, that could be first on the agenda...


*Of course, given that's where my ex was from and I still have some memories associated with me and her being together there, that could be part of the problem...

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