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Personality Survey
About Me.....
Birthday / Zodiac Sign:18th December.
Birthplace:Ilford, Essex
Places I Have Lived:Chadwell Heath, Chelmsford, Merton, Southfields, Roehampton
Currently Living:Chelmsford
Heritage:English through and through, although I'm hoping I've got Welsh blood in me somewhere.
Height / Weight:6'0". Somewhere over 20 stone.
Eye / Hair Color:Blue eyes, mousy brown hair.
Tattoos / How Many:None
Piercings / How Many:None
Clothing Style:Casual
Are You Trustworthy:Yes, I think so.
Are You Republican/Democrat/Independent:n/a as I'm not in the US. In the UK I vote LibDem, but I'm very far to the left of centre.
Shy or Outgoing:Fairly shy.
Funny or Serious:A bit of both, really.
Do You Think You Are Attractive:I think I'm not too bad but could do with losing some weight. Sarah thinks I'm a handsome hunk.
Food:Fish, pizza, chicken (especially Nando's)
Band/Musician:Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Phatfish, Matt Redman, All About Eve
Estimate how many friends you have:Dunno.
Do You Like To Meet New People:Yes.
Best Friend:Sarah.
Love Life/Sex.....
Are You In Love:Oh yes.
First Crush:Julia, at junior school.
First Kiss:Can't remember. Could have been Cathy.
Are You Taken or Single? By whom:Taken. By Sarah.
Would You Give Your LIfe For A Loved One:Yes.
Do You Have A Friend With Benefits:No, if that means what I think it does.
Have You Ever Cheated / Been Cheated On:Kind of. I thought I was, but it turned out I wasn't actually with the person I thought I was cheating on. Long story.
When And With Whom Did You Lose You Virginity:Jane. Can't remember exactly when.
How Many Partners Have You Had:Sexually? One.
Do You Like Foreplay:No real opinion.
Top Or Bottom:No real opinion.
When Was The Last Time You Had Sex:Nearly ten years ago. I think my virginity has healed back.
How Far Would You Go With Someone Of The Same Sex:In theory, it would depend on who they were. But as I'm with Sarah and not cheating on her, that'd have to be "I wouldn't"
Have You Met Someone From The Internet:Met, yes, but not in a dating/sex kind of a way.
Have You Slept With A Co-Worker:No.
Are You / Have You / Do You.......
Curse Regularly:I try not to.
A Sports Fanatic:Good grief no.
Have Scars:A couple.
Been Out Of The Country:Yes, a couple of times.
Believe In Ghosts:I'm not entirely convinced, but then neither am I convinced that all the people who say they've seen ghosts are wrong/lying/imagining it.
Broken Bones / How Many:None. Yet.
Had A Serious Surgery:No. Unless having teeth removed counts as serious.
Been Beaten Up:Yes, I was mugged once. I don't recommend it.
Flashed Someone:No.
Gone Skinny Dipping:I think I did when I was holidaying in spain.
Consumed Alcohol:Does communion wine count?
For George W. Bush:*erk* No bleeding way.
Done Drugs:Not illegal ones.
Taken Painkillers / Legally or Illegally:Only legally (soluble aspirin, for preference).
Past / Present / Future.....
What were you doing on 9/11/2001:Working at NHS Direct - I'd been there about a week.
Something you would like to forget:I'd like to just stop having painful flashbacks to the past.
What are you thinking about:The fact that I really ought to get ready for work.
How do you feel right now:Not bad. Not great, but not bad.
What are you wearing:Jeans and a T-shirt.
Something you would like to accomplish:Get the house vaguely organised and clean and tidy.
Your thoughts on........
Gambling:I don't do it, but I've nothing against it.
One Nation, Under God:That would be forcing a theocracy on people, and I don't really approve of that. Let people make up their own minds re: faith.
Drugs:Not a big fan.
Illegal Immigrants:Change the law so they're not illegal.
Gay Marriage:Is a good thing.
Death Penalty:Is a bad thing.
Downloading Music:Yeah, ideally legally.
Terrorism:Is a bad thing, but bombing the living daylights out of other nations is not the best way to combat it, IMO.
What Made You Take This Survey:Thought it looked fun.
Tell us YOUR answers to this survey! Click HERE!
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