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I think I may die of squee...

New trailer for The Stolen Earth. Could be seen as spoilery, although frankly I don't think a trailer is spoilery by definition.

On the whole, I thought Turn Left was bloody marvellous (although I note that generally it's being compared with It's a wonderful life, whereas I was thinking far more of Sliding Doors, although a really dark, malicious version thereof).

But ZOMFG (if I may lapse into the vernacular for a moment), the trailer for The Stolen Earth was just bloody marvellous. I'm not sure I can wait until Saturday, although I know that I have to.

Between the various trailers and the promo photo, so far as I can tell the following people will all be in the season finale: the Doctor, Donna, Martha, Rose, Captain Jack, Gwen, Ianto, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke, Mickey, Jackie, Pete.

So, no mention of K9.

Which either means he's not in it, or...

...he turns up at the last minute in episode 13 and saves the day?

Frankly, I wouldn't be at all surprised...


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