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Journey's End

Well, I was right about K9 coming in at the end to save the day. YAY!!! (Ironically, I'd just bought the new K9 boxed set and was watching it which kind of distracted me from the fact that tonight's episode was about to start - and either it started early or my watch is a few minutes out, 'cos I missed the pre-credits. Damn and blast.)

Loved the Mickey/Jack sparring. Any chance of Mickey joining Torchwood? Martha too, for that matter (although it seems to be taken as read by most people that she'll be in series 3...)

I liked the way David Tennant played t'other Doctor rather differently to the original one - that scene where they're on Bad Wolf Bay and t'other Doctor's standing behind Rose and he almost has a gormless look on his face.

Mostly, it seemed like a ticking-the-boxes episode. And I'd been to the Outpost-Gallifrey-as-was forums and read enough of the spoiler stuff to suss the cliffhanger resolution. Even so, the episode as a whole worked well, IMO.

Less keen on the fact that it was a Return of the King ending, with the actual plot wrapped up about 20 minutes before the end of the episode.

Also not keen on Davros this time round - too much mad ranting for my liking.

And OMG, okay they didn't actually kill any companions, but bloody hell, Donna's departure was really heartbreaking. It was fun seeing all the companions back, though (and which bit of fanon is it that states that the TARDIS was meant to be piloted by six people and not just one??!).

But - and it's a big but - and it's also something that raised after Voyage of the Damned - why does the Doctor have to travel round the universe with a young lady? Was I the only person at the end who thought the Doctor should have taken Wilf into the TARDIS with him? God, they'd make a wonderful team. Wilf loving all the new planets and civilisations and giving the alien meanies what for...

No new Doctor Who until Christmas? Mah. Not good. Oh well, time to watch Buffy, and The X Files, and Pushing Daisies, and Chuck, and Angel, and...


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