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Two memes

The first gacked from miriammoules

What's on your lifelong to-do list? Keep it short - three to five items. You can always add more after accomplishing a couple.

  • Get married (like, permanently this time) - this will, according to plan, be achieved on September 19th next year.
  • Write a novel - in an ideal world get it published professionally, but if I could just start and finish a reasonable length novel, I'd be a happy bunny. So far, it's the finishing bit that's posed problems for me.
  • Visit the Lake District - there's loads of places, in the UK and beyond, to which I've never been, but the Lake District has rather a fascination for me.
  • Become an evangelist.
  • Learn to program a computer and write a useful program for one.

The second meme is one that I thought of earlier.

For some time now (I think since I was at secondary school, which is...a while), I've used a word. Nobody else (to the best of my knowledge) has used it. Mainly because, well, I invented it. The word is "plutting" (participle, from the verb "to plut"). It's based on the French - il pleut, it is raining. It refers specifically to that sort of really heavy beating rain that when you're in a car driving down the M25 the wipers don't really make much difference to.

So y'know what I'd adore? If enough people used the word that it would be recognised as a word and introduced to the dictionary (and if Victoria Coren would like to come and interview me, she's welcome to). So folks, feel free to start saying "it's plutting" when referring to heavy rainfall. On your blogs, in conversations, any time the opportunity crops up. We've got nothing to lose...


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