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Faith-related musings.

Although I'm not a Pagan, I've found myself drifting in the past year or so towards an interest in Christian mysticism (although I've not done anything of note about it; I just find ideas like the Lectio Divina, "practicing the Presence of God", Christian meditation, and Centering prayer really interesting. Although the church tradition I'm part of - through choice - tends towards loud, lively exuberant worship, I'm also drawn to the notion of stillness and quietness and peace as I seek to commune with God) and I guess it's partly because of that interest that I've found myself increasingly interested in Paganism. Not that I could specify exactly what it is about it that I find fascinating about it (possibly the fact that it's so eclectic and covers a multitude of beliefs and deities? Certainly the notion of being attuned to nature), but I've found myself wondering if some sort of syncretism of Paganism and Christianity may be a path I could take. Certainly there are Christo-pagans and Christian Wiccans. Whether either of them - or something else entirely - may be right for me, I don't know. But I'm going to explore. I don't yet know where I'm heading. But I suspect it's going to be an interesting journey.

As part of that journey, I've found Mystic Wicks, an online Pagan community, which even has a section dedicated to Christian Witchcraft. I feel very at home there. Which is pleasant.

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