David Brider (davidbrider) wrote,
David Brider

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Well, the project of transferring all my 7" singles into the computer as mp3 files has been completed. Sort of. Ish. There are a few tracks in there that need to be re-done, and some covers that I'm going to scan in for Coverflow, but that aside, 7 weeks of work completed, everything from a-ha to Yazz. Nice.

Oh which note, I'm working on sort of a mixtape thing. It's basically a celebration of the outsider - geeks, gays & lesbians, anyone who doesn't fit into the norms that society lays down as being "the categories you've got to fit into for us to accept you". I've got about a dozen tracks already lined up, with a few more possibilities, but if anyone has any ideas of songs they think should be on such a mixtape, I'm open to suggestions.
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