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At the quiz tonight, there was a very interestingly worded question in the True or False round.

It went: "George Michael's first three singles after leaving Wham! all went to number one."

Pete, the quizmaster - who's normally pretty good about these things - said that the answer was true - Careless Whisper, A Different Corner, and I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) all went to number one.

But the first two of those were released before Wham! broke up. And Michael's first three singles subsequent to the break-up (I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me), I Want Your Sex, and Faith) didn't all go to number one - only the first one did.

The annoying bit was that he wouldn't accept that Careless Whisper and Different Corner were released while Wham! was still together, which seems a bit wtf? to me.

He could, of course, have worded the question as "George Michael's first three solo singles all went to number one," but that would still have been false as Waiting wasn't a solo single.

In the event it wasn't a major issue - it was only worth two points, not enough to make a difference between any team winning or losing, but...I dunno, it was such a specifically worded question that Tim and I were convinced it was worded like that for a reason, and discovering it was actually a mistake (to which Pete wouldn't admit) was a bit mmf.

Oh well.

In other news, I've started work afresh on my Big Slashy Epic. I'll give it a name when I work out what it's going to be called (although I've got An Idea). For now, it's just Big Slashy Epic. Or BSE, but that has unfortunate connotations. Hopefully I might actually finish it this time. I'm probably going to be scribbling away furiously over the weekend (Sarah's taking me to Auto Assembly). It's a bit of a magnum opus thing, taking in three fandoms, one canon slash pairing, five crossover slash pairings, and possibly a crossover femslash pairing for good measure (which is going to be interesting, as I don't really "do" femslash...). Part of it is sort of based on Romeo and Juliet, or at least on the Spandau Ballet song Through the Barricades, which is sort of the next best thing...

Anyhew - bed now, and then up to Birmingham with Sarah tomorrow.

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